Acoustic Wall Panels and Ceiling Treatments

Acoustic Wall Panels and Ceiling Treatments

KINETICS is dedicated to providing you with superior acoustical treatment, knowledgeable and time customer service at a competitive price. Quality assurance is based on a forty two year track record and an impeccable reputation for providing excellent support from schematics to field installation.

KINETICS offers consultation that can provide you with reverberation calculations to assist you with your design requirements specific to the project type or specific to a portion of the interior of the project.


KINETICS offers a broad range of products and finishes to meet your acoustics design challenges:

  • Acoustical Wall Panels Systems
    • Hard Side Panels
    • High Impact Hard Side Panels
    • Designer Series 90 Panels
    • Sports Board Elite
    • Sports Board Conform
    • KNP Perforated Metal Panels
    • KSP Perforated Co-Ploymer Panels
  • Acoustical Ceiling Treatments
    • Wave Baffles/Horizontally Suspended
    • PAB Baffles and KB-803 Baffles/Vertically Suspended
    • Applique Cloud Panels
    • Hardside Cloud System
  • Acoustical Diffusers and Reflectors for Walls and Ceilings
    • Ovation Reflector Panels
    • Geometric Sound Diffusers

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