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GORDON is a long standing highly recognized name in the construction community for over 50 years with vast experience in metal fabrication of ceiling specialties, grid systems, curved ceilings, beam ceilings, perimeter trims and drywall trims.

GORDON with the recent acquisition of Environmental Interiors now emerges into the corrections industry as the foremost manufacture of acoustical ceiling and wall systems for correctional facilities.

GORDON offers design solutions for every area of the justice facilities industry and can economically integrate secure access, lighting and air distribution components.

  • Lockdown  … a suspended security metal panel system for supervised detention environments.
    • Modular, grid based construction
    • Locking metal panels
    • Tamper resistance
    • Contraband concealment protection
    • Noise reduction
    • Factory finished components
    • Green Building Compliant and IAQ Friendly
  • Cel-Line … a metal plank security systems for high security environments.
    • Heavy gauge steel or aluminum planks for cells, holding areas and Bathrooms.
    • Perforated planks with acoustical characteristics for visitation areas or dayrooms.
    • Shiplap design prohibiting passage of contraband to the plenum
    • Factory finish components
    • Heavy duty structural performance
    • Green Building Compliant and IAQ Friendly

    For technical information visit www.gordoncorrections.com.


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