The Art of Wood Working



Wood Ceilings Systems * Luminous Ceilings * Skylites

Norton family owned and operated for over 30 years has been an innovator in creative ceiling ideas …  proudly offers exceptional and unique solutions to the ceiling industry.

Turning concepts into reality has been the goal of Jack and Tricia Norton with an experienced engineering staff producing hundreds of standard designs by quality wood and metal workers and finished by master painters.

“Looking Forward To Looking Up”

  • Wood Ceiling Systems
    • Louver Systems …  with simple features the room can glow … available both modular and non-modular.
    • Classic Coffers …  the elegant and bold look that enriches any space.
    • Linear Ceilings … Belbian finish laminated to a paraline pan is adaptable to any environment both interior and exterior Panel Ceilings … 3 mounting styles … 13 standard perforation patterns … endless wood species.
  • Luminous Ceilings

    • Options Series … standard louvers that have the appearance of a custom design.
    • Acryliblock … A non modular elegance of a luminous cell wall with an overlay diffuser.
    • Bold Quads … Textured metal cell systems available as standard cubes.
  • Skylites

    • Domes … a flexible concept that can be executed in either concave, flat or convex shapes.
    • Modular … easy to install modular systems with pre-engineered perimeter transitions.
    • Pyramid … endless options for design … rectangular, square and triangle … chances are it can be designed if imagined.


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